Reebok Zigtech

Posted: July 1, 2010 in running

Sister wakes me up a few days ago and says “You wanna go with me to Trinoma?”

I say yes because:

a. I’ve never ever been to Trinoma
b. I’m intrigued by the horror stories about parking, getting lost because of the crazy layout…
b. I have nothing better to do…I’m on vacation! Yipeee!

It was the launching of the Reebok Zigtech …. watch the video !

and this cool commercial which reminds me of parkour

The best thing is, I won a pair! Thank you Reebok!

I haven’t tried the shoe yet… their tagline is you get to train with less pain.

Now pain is an interesting thing. It’s always relative to the person experiencing it since we all have different thresholds. But runners all experience pain at one point or another especially during training sessions that entail super long runs, fartleks, intervals… or even lack of training too! Like when you suddenly feel the urge to start at square 1 of your fitness program (you get the picture). But there…I remember this slogan that says “pain is weakness leaving the body” (what a power mantra right?) Some sports experts say pain during training is not really necessary since it doesn’t really mean that more pain = more effort = better performance, but more like wrong training = more pain. I’m channeling Chi Running in saying that running doesn’t have to be a painful experience because you have to train your body in gradual manner that makes it comfy with a certain level of activity before upping it to the next level. Ah ewan. Basta minsan masakit tumakbo. Especially when you’re on your ass 10 months out of 2 haha.

The Reebok Zigtech box says that the zig-zagged sole:
1. reduces wear and tear on key leg muscles by 20 percent
2. delivers a wave of energy along the length of the outsole
3. creates a lightweight, flexible and stable ride

I was looking for the video they showed us that explained the technology succinctly in a 20 second spot but couldn’t find it so here goes. The zig-zagged sole is compared to a slinky and energy is transferred to where it is needed…so for runners out there, I’m guessing the application is, whether a heel, mid or toe striker, the sole compensates and you end up with less pain…. 20 percent less daw. O diba? Ma -try nga.

Need to remind self to try this shoe on my next run. =)


2 months out of 10

Posted: July 1, 2010 in running

So here I am back on vacation, savoring the 2 months of doing anything (as in ANYTHING)… who says only kids are happy when school is out??

Doing baby steps… easy 5ks here and there with Bards, Keti every week or so.

I missed this!

last one!

Posted: December 31, 2009 in nonsense

Obviously, running has taken a back seat to my life that it was so foreign for me to wake up at 6am to do just that. The travails of a reluctant runner. Yes have turned into one, sadly, but it happens and I’m sure I’m not the first one to have ever gone through something like this. Good thing T2 is there to kick my ass back to fitness (I am counting on them to persuade me back to my old running form haha). Bad right? I know it should come from me as it can only happen if I want it to but need that lifeline, that call a friend moment, an intervention perhaps? Please? Help? haha.

The good thing is I saw in my friends what I apparently miss doing, albeit with so much resistance. It’s not that I don’t want to. My body is revolting from the sudden shock of exercise. It was that horrible…what a struggle!

But it is the end of 2009 so that means tomorrow, tabula rasa kicks in and it would be like it was all a bad dream. Something I’m eager to forget but seriously need to learn from. The new year does that, but I do realize that we can press that reset button anytime.

I need to …..

put running back into my schedule.
take away all the ifs and buts of why I let running take a back seat, and just go. NO EXCUSES!
reconcile the fact that I will have to train alone and in unfamiliar territory.
start from square one, 5k, 10k, 15k, half, full.

Making lists is so typical I know…at least I can will it true if it’s right in front of me.
So this is my version of a slip up, and chronicling the start of another first attempt.

Mantra, internalize… do or do not, there is no try!

To one and all, have a great one!

bring back that lovin’ feeling

Posted: December 29, 2009 in running

Ran yesterday for the first time in months!! Finally put to use ye old running shoes. The first kilometer felt funny. It was like learning to run for the first time yet again, trying to gauge my stride and pace, checking if my feet were landing just so, lungs were getting into the rhythm and trying to will my muscles (er..fat) to relax and go with the flow. Legs felt tingly, followed by pins and needles but at the halfway mark, I was fine, stopped and walked, ran a bit, walked a bit, then walked some more. It was nice reconnecting with BananaRunning who kept me company, while Keti and RunMd did their prescribed 15kms for the day. While walking down the semi-lit roads of FB, it was easy to imagine way back when our lives were ruled by the program, when we had our 3-4 to 5 hour weekly long runs as well as easy runs that morphed into 15kms… 15KMS!?! My legs can’t even imagine what that feels like now. Even if I’m back to square one, the post-Christmas 5k jumpstarted all those dormant reasons why I love to run…er now a mere penguin-like waddle maybe, but still a run just the same. The feel of being on the road, having that dialogue between you and yourself while being pulled into the lull of each step that moves you ever forward. Ilavit.


Posted: September 21, 2009 in nonsense

have been sick the past three weeks… getting my bearings back.

started with a sore throat… turned into a fever…. lot my voice and now have this cough that keeps me awake at night. ugh. i really hate getting sick.

but drugs are working… cough is close to gone and my voice is almost back to normal (still have remnants of a bedrooom voice haha)

but am looking forward to doing a 10k soon… aiming my sights on the Condura full for February…still thinking about the Sinulog Marathon for January…let’s see.

will hibernate again for a while. posting soon!


Posted: August 15, 2009 in running
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The attack of the blackhole was expected, I was ready for it, but the force of its presence was just really overpowering that I had no choice but to give in. I am alive and well at this point to say I am slowly crawling out of it…barely but still fighting!

Okay so work came in a fury…more tornado like in nature and it’s the morning after. It’s the end of the first full week of school and am loving it. I love my class!!! The kids are so adorable! And I only have eleven! wooohooo! In the many years I’ve been teaching, it’s the first time I’ve had a class less than twenty.
*happy happy joy joy*

Running has taken a back seat but I am giving myself next week to catch up.

Have only run three times since arriving… a 10k, a 5k and a 17k in a span of 14 days. Not good, I know (sorry Coach Bards!) but will do my best starting next week…really!

There’s actually a 5k and 10k run this weekend that starts and ends at the Cebu Convention Center, and another one by the end of the month (I heard) spearheaded by Dr. Larrazabal (so I expect showbiz wise, the presence of his wifey Donita Rose (correction: Donna Cruz, rather not Donita Rose) here boys!)… but no, will not be running as I need to get my act together and do a serious long run. Hay. NEED TO DO THAT LONG RUN.

Anyway, it’s a Friday night, amheaving a sigh of relief for a succesful 1st week of school….

By the way, you need to watch GI JOE! If only I could run as fast as Duke in his accelerator suit…

July 17, 2009

3:34 pm

R wakes up from afternoon nap and wonders what to do today. Remembers the Runnr opening…a few minutes after, gets a text message from B

B: What time are you going to BHS?
R: Anytime… what time you going? You wanna hitch? Can pass by for you…
B: Sabay kami ni D =) Nandunna kmi 5pm.
R: How early naman!! But im not doing anything anyway…wanna go coffee?
B: Coffeecoffee tara!
R: Hey tara 5pm let’s coffee…if youre in the office I’ll pick you up!
KR: I’m so tamad to go to Runnr later bec. of the rain!
R: Wag na I’ll pick you up…c’mon!
KR: I’m at home na in bed!
R: Ooooh that sounds better than going out nga haha pero in case youre up for it tara let’s go

R then drives to BHS and patiently waits in Starbucks..ordered a tall hot latte…looks around, twiddles thumbs, enjoys the drink, sip

R texts B

5:00 pm

R: Here na BHS.
B: Waiting na for D. =) Starbucks?
R: Yuf.
B: Lapitna
KR: My headache is not going away…I think I will just stay home.
R: No prob. See ya soon!

B and D come in and conversation centers on plans for a road race.

After 45 minutes of animated chika chatter, R, B and D decide to go check out whats happening at the opening…the time is 6ish pm (I think)

Signed up for reg, friendly Nicole from Runnr meets and greets us and gives press kits, then off for a photo moment, plus chika with other runners already inside

K: You guys still going to Runnr?
R: Here na! Come here!
K: On my way!

More waiting and chika, opening ceremony starts with host simulating the start of a race.

FAST FORWARD TO internal mind chatter

I wonder what time we can check out the goods inside the store…oh ok…VIPS first…then we get to go inside? Goody….Hey lookit that! They have CWX! Didn’t see that before! Hmmm I wonder what’s in the press kit…envelope, CDS, lit about the store…I’ll read it later….hey they have new wallpaper! I wonder where they took that nice photo? Looks like a good place to run with the trees…or was the runner just Photoshopped in? Oh wait another video….hey that’s the guy that assissted me when I was buying something in Runnr a few weeks back…why is he on stage? OH..silly me…he OWNS Runnr haha…hey but he knows his stuff ha and was really helpful when I asked why they didn’t have Body Glide yet…raffle time!!! Drat unlucky at raffles! Yay we can go in the store na…

K, H and J arrive too and we continue on talking inside the store

oooh I want to try the CWX….so many people here! They have more stuff on the shelves now yahooo…more eyewear models for Oakley and Optic Nerve….and they have more apparel too! … I have to THEY HAVE ROCTANE LOOK!…friendly helpful sales staff especially the one who looked for sizes for the CWX style that I wanted….yay! they have it!!! buy na and use that discount coupon…


In an earlier post, Runnr was one of those stores that I eagerly awaited because finally, a place where shoppers of all shapes and sizes could find merchandise specifically for running. I would pop in and out during the soft opening phase just to check if there was anything new in the shelves.

I was there on their very first Sunday, bugging the staff about not seeing any running shades in the shelves and them happily obliging by bringing out a box of shades while apologetically saying that they didn’t get to fix the display case yet. I love the attentive staff…meaning they are there when you need them and give their opinion of products in conjunction with your needs. AND they don’t hover. Perfect. I’m a sucker for staff that get that mix of attentiveness minus the intrusiveness…the more they know about the product and are helpful if you are undecided, the higher the chances that I’d buy something haha. Yes, I’m gullible that way. =)

Once in a while after an afternoon or evening run, would drop by Runnr and just look around, noticing small changes here and there. Things like changes in displays or maybe new standees or posters up, new products in the shelves, or how they used to have the Toby’s logo in the price tags which they then changed to the Runnr logo after a few weeks.

At the grand opening, everyone was in a festive mood…with food and music and lights, as well as plenty of good conversations about running and runners. Even if it was drizzling and rain was threatening to pour down any minute, many lined up and stayed to be able to go and see what was up. Now, if only they just had that Body Glide on the shelves…

Thanks Runnr! Will look forward to visiting your store again and again… maybe in 3 months when I need to change my shoes…can’t wait to try the CWX Stabilyx running tights…abangan!

Runnr, you make us happpy!
Runnr Grand Opening