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Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Looking back, it was that one uneventful night in Italianni’s Fort which marked the day the running bug got me. I was with two friends, sitting on that outside booth by the door and just hanging out, minding my own bread and olive oil-herb mixture when I saw BananaRunning ans MyIronShoes pass by in their running gear.

Curiosity got the better of me so I quickly rang up MyIronShoes and said “Hey I see ya!!! What are you doing in Fort in your running gear?” and she went on to tell me that she had a PLAN and it entailed running. Since she knew I was into anything sporty, she invited me to come and join them on weeknights.

I didn’t run that very same day, but that thought was planted, and it germinated and it grew and quickly mushroomed and ballooned into a MARATHON DREAM.

It started innocently enough, with me going to work the next day, running a few days in a week, balancing badminton with running. Then I found more and more running buddies as the days went by, simply because I talk a lot about things I like and if you even show the remotest inkling of interest I would then proceed to coerce you into trying it out. So I coerced people to try running. And then I chose to focus on running and let badminton lie low for a while…I mean I gave it a few years… why not try soemthing new right?

I found B and revived her passion for running (which waned significantly when her group didn’t run regularly anymore) and introduced her to my runner friends My IronShoes and BananaRunning, and also to converted badminton-now-runner friends Keti. Apparently Xtine used to run way before any of us but like B, her group disappeared too. And then H also happens to mention he wants to try it and soon enough, despite being the only token male amidst makukulit and matigas na ulo females, T2 is formed. Then there’s A who always manages to disappear in the middle of the run to find herself lounging around in someone’s backseat to rest and cheer us on, or take pictures of us during races.

I think everything really gelled together when we went on our 21K in Subic. That cemented T2 and the rest, as they say, is history.

We’re setting our sights on doing a full marathon this December (others in Singapore, me doing a simulcast at home).

So you see, it only takes an idea to power a dream, this one being the full marathon. Finding friends to share it with just makes it easier to reach.


Fast forward to 2009.

As all good plans go, it never always happens the way you want it.

My marathon dream went pffft after the big move but nevertheless, it is still alive, resuscitated from its deathbed.

The other T2s conquered Singapore, and are looking forward to doing more this year. Others (me included) are aiming for that 1st marathon, like the one this June (or is it July?) by Milo.

And I’m happy to say that T2 has grown, not just in numbers but in friendship too. You know how it is, one person invites another, we run, have fun, we eat and the cycle continues. As we meet more like-minded people who enjoy running and food as much as we do, the group continues on growing…and having fun. Now there’s C and D and E and V ….I’m guessing soon enough we have the whole alphabet with us!

We’ve also now discovered how much we enjoy travelling and squeezing in a few runs in there too, with T2 visiting Cebu a few months back. B, V and I had an amazing Indian run while then-injured MyIronShoes (because of that one and only sea urchin on that fine sandy beach) and C enjoyed the morning sun.

More plans are in place, like a visit to the whalesharks and CWC among other things at the end of the month, and am happy to say that although running is central to why we hang around each other, I can now list down more reasons why we allow ourselves to say we’re part of T2.

The rest is history!

  1. keti says:

    i like! :o)

  2. dingdong says:

    i like this one too! happy running with you tin. welcome to wordpress. 🙂

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